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Intro Posts?

I don't know if we want to do this, but I'm bored and watching British TV while my girlfriend makes hot chocolate with canela, so yeah.


On the internets, I go by Edie, but it's not my real name which is slightly more ordinary. I'm twenty, and I've been a 4H-er since I was nine years old and been riding for just as long. The horse I first rode was a POA named Chippy, the second a one-eyed Morgan mare called Jenny. Had a few more horses in the interim between her and getting my first horse; a black Welsh bitch-mare named Easter. Shared project with my best friend - we had fun.

Then my boy! Rory. A 19-year-old mustang with four white feet, a red-chestnut coat, and a wide blaze. He had some arthritis issues, but I rode him for eight years, showed, hacked around, spent time together. He's in retirement right now; his original owner makes sure all her old horses are happy for life in a retirement facility in Tennessee. So that's good, but I really miss him. If any TN people are here, could you perhaps look in on him if I give you a place? I love him a lot.

I now show Dressage for the College of Wooster, in Ohio. We're a young team, but we do okay, considering that we compete against people like Findlay and Bethany. I got second in my Test, our last show; that means I placed ABOVE both the home teams and one of the Findlay teams. It was a really good moment.

I work with my home 4-H club to learn about horses and how to work with them. My specialty is grooming and safety, cleaning tack and bathing, and building a better relationship with your horse.

I recently got my girls into horses in a minor sort of way, and her aunt has a coming two year old Morgan colt. He is ungelded, and will remain that way; I've seen him and he is a very high-quality creature so I don't have my usual CUT HIS BALLS OFF reaction. As long as his behavior remains good, he gets to keep them. They're a horsey family so they know what they're on about. I get to play with him this summer, since he needs to meet more people!

So hi!
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