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equestriandrama's Journal

Equestrian: "We know drama!"
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"This community was created out of frustration of the current intelligence level in the community known as equestrian", and as a response to the community known as equestriansnark. "Membership will be granted upon general" intellectual "merit of your posts or by personal invite.

Community Rules:

1) Membership can be revoked at any time. If you turn stupid on us and start whining about how mean everybody is and why can't we all get along, then get out...that's what equestrian is for.

2)" Drama "with other members is allowed, just be sure it is warranted. If you can't take it, leave.

3) Membership is granted after a review by all members of the community, so please do not expect immediate approval. If the community has a lot to say about you, either positive or negative, you should have your result within a day. Some that are not well known may take longer."

-The above user-info has been modeled off of the community equestriansnark. The words between the quotations are, indeed, not original. All due credit to the creators of equestriansnark!