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Intro Posts?

I don't know if we want to do this, but I'm bored and watching British TV while my girlfriend makes hot chocolate with canela, so yeah.


On the internets, I go by Edie, but it's not my real name which is slightly more ordinary. I'm twenty, and I've been a 4H-er since I was nine years old and been riding for just as long. The horse I first rode was a POA named Chippy, the second a one-eyed Morgan mare called Jenny. Had a few more horses in the interim between her and getting my first horse; a black Welsh bitch-mare named Easter. Shared project with my best friend - we had fun.

Then my boy! Rory. A 19-year-old mustang with four white feet, a red-chestnut coat, and a wide blaze. He had some arthritis issues, but I rode him for eight years, showed, hacked around, spent time together. He's in retirement right now; his original owner makes sure all her old horses are happy for life in a retirement facility in Tennessee. So that's good, but I really miss him. If any TN people are here, could you perhaps look in on him if I give you a place? I love him a lot.

I now show Dressage for the College of Wooster, in Ohio. We're a young team, but we do okay, considering that we compete against people like Findlay and Bethany. I got second in my Test, our last show; that means I placed ABOVE both the home teams and one of the Findlay teams. It was a really good moment.

I work with my home 4-H club to learn about horses and how to work with them. My specialty is grooming and safety, cleaning tack and bathing, and building a better relationship with your horse.

I recently got my girls into horses in a minor sort of way, and her aunt has a coming two year old Morgan colt. He is ungelded, and will remain that way; I've seen him and he is a very high-quality creature so I don't have my usual CUT HIS BALLS OFF reaction. As long as his behavior remains good, he gets to keep them. They're a horsey family so they know what they're on about. I get to play with him this summer, since he needs to meet more people!

So hi!
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Congratulations on your most recent accomplishment for the dressage team! That is fantastic.

You should try and dig up some pictures of all of these ponies! I'd especially love to see Rory and the Morgan colt. My best friend owns a boarding barn - it's where I'll be keeping my horse (he's in my icon) this summer when he's off from training/showing. She has a wonderful Morgan gelding that is my "adopted" horse. He's super-athletic and wonderful to be around.

You're so lucky you get to keep up with your 4-H club. Mine kind of dwindled and died when I graduated, though it wasn't anything spectacular in the first place. (Lots of pointless babble and arguing and getting NOTHING done). Though most of the people I knew have graduated by now, it would have been nice to see it keep going.

Your horses sound full of personality! I love the bratty ponies, they're just more fun.
Mine keeps growing! I don't know anyone anymore! We really push competing in speaking, horse bowl, hippology, etc. (I teach all of these). We're big at the Fair too. We have a surprisingly high retention rate... they're good kids.

I adore ponies. They basically kick ass.
Our 4-H group changed leaders 4 times (once per year), had no organization, and by that time none of the older members actually wanted to participate or learn ANYTHING because they'd spent so much time doing whatever the heck they wanted..No one went to horse bowl, or horse judging, and people just showed up for fair and made complete fools out of themselves because they didn't realize they had to compete in showmanship. :P I still had fun though, even if I did never do well at fair (for some reason, my horse decided to "forget" everything we'd been practicing all year just for our patterns, then magically remember them again once we were out of the show ring. I suspect it had to do with my nerves rubbing off on him, but still annoying!).
I was such a nervy tool in the show ring. I didn't do as well as I probably could have for JUST THAT REASON. I'm a better rider than competing led me to believe, I think...

We've changed leaders two or three in the past ten years or so. My mom and my friend's mom lead it now, and have been for a couple years - we're pretty steady.

If we don't do public speaking and records and at least one Fitting and Show clinic... we don't GET to go to Fair. Period. It's how we keep people doing stuff.
We tried imposing that rule, that you had to either attend horse bowl or horse judging, and HAD to go to pre-fair, but it was unfortunately not enforced. Instead, we had a "point" system where the people with the highest points (going to horse bowl, judging, prefair, participating in meetings, doing fundrasiers) got to choose their stall at fair (we had half good stalls and half scary panel stalls that my horse nearly broke a leg in kicking another horse). It worked alright, but people were still bitching that it was "unfair." A lot of the people in my club had things handed to them their entire lives, so I don't think they understood the point of working for something they wanted.
Aw, that's too bad. None of us ever got anything handed to us - I worked to board my horse. I've worked in a barn for just about 12 years, actually. We all did our own stall-cleaning, grooming, etc.